Birth By Design Method

I have pioneered this method from years of supporting pregnant women so you can expect that this educational walkthrough covers all the most common concerns and even everything you need to know but don’t expect when you’re expecting!

You get:

  • Self-paced online program
  • Group cohort for 6 weeks
  • Weekly live Q & A
  • Customized birth plan with
    alternatives, pivots, and adjustments
  • Pop-up Facebook group for six weeks of support        

Small Group Coaching  

Gain learning, support, and empathy from a community of women going through the same journey.


  • Weekly live group coaching sessions (Zoom)
  • Weekly live Q & A with Nurse Patricia
  • Development of a customized birth plan and/or
  • Coaching on any other pregnancy issues
  • Copies of recorded sessions for easy review

.. and MUCH more!

Private Concierge Coaching

For a more private and specialized journey that’s 100% focused on you and tailored to fit your needs.


  • Private 1-on-1 sessions via Zoom
  • Fully tailored to fit specific needs of client
  • Exclusive, private, individually customized sessions
  • Client determines the length and frequency of consultations
  • Copies of recorded sessions for easy review