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Infants Born with Teeth

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Most infants get their first teeth a few months after birth, but some babies are born with teeth.

These are called “natal teeth”. Natal teeth occur in about one of every 2000 births.

Since we don’t expect it, it can be a shock to see a baby born with a tooth or teeth. But there’s no need to worry.

There are four types of natal teeth. Your doctor can determine which case your baby has:

  • fully developed, though loose, crowns affixed to a few root structures
  • loose teeth that don’t have any roots at all
  • small teeth just emerging from the gums
  • evidence of teeth about to cut through the gums

Most cases of natal teeth involve just one tooth. Being born with multiple teeth is even more rare. Lower front teeth are the most common, followed by upper front teeth. Less than 1 percent of babies with natal teeth are born with molars. Speak to your pediatrician if you have any worries.