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Jellybeans Instead of Glucola

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Hate the taste of glucola, the sickening-sweet stuff you have to drink for your gestational diabetes test? Heard horror stories of how your friends couldn’t handle the nausea that ensued after drinking it?

Dread it no longer! Jellybeans to the rescue. You can eat 50 grams of these jellybeans instead of drinking the glucola for gestational diabetes test. That equates to about 28 jellybeans – be sure to check the packing to be sure.

A study concluded that jellybeans may be used as an alternative to the 50-g glucose beverage as a sugar source for gestational diabetes mellitus screening. The 2 sources provoke similar serum glucose responses. Patients report fewer side effects after a jelly bean challenge than after a 50-g glucose beverage challenge.

As always, check with your doctor or midwife and the lab doing the test (you’ll have to bring your own jellybeans).